Change is always good.

Yes, it is true, when Google first launched his search engine, it was very basic and it was just looking for the title, Meta, and keyword. Keyword was playing very big has during that time. After that Search engine has changed its algorithm many times and added many check points while they rank any website for a particular term.

Now when Google has launched Google Assistance, Amazon has launch Alexa, even more, Microsoft have PC search Cortana and many more.

When it comes to search through voice, our website should also be Index and come up on top of any other website.

Voice search is also growing rapidly with the most recent Google Mobile Voice Study finding a 61% growth in longer queries that start with “who”, “what”, “where” and “how”. Google analysts noted that one in five queries on the mobile Google app are voice-based and they get about 30 times more action queries by voice than by typing.

These changes in consumer behavior will mean brands will need to optimize their content in order to appear in relevant results shown to users. More than half of US teens and 41% of adults now use voice search on a daily basis, indicating this functionality is already playing an important role in search queries.

Here are the tips to optimize a website to generate more traffic with voice search

  1. Make sure your website is HTTPS, the site with https have more chance to be ranked, based on the study we have found that when you search for any terms approx. 65% results are from https website.
  2. If you have authority domain, chances are more to appear in voice search result, to achieve:
    1. The site has high PR links and backlinks
    2. Quality content / Informative content
    3. The site should have good User Experience (Good UI / UX)
    4. You should be the leader of your market
  3. Fast Loading website, It is very important that website should load fast (it should load in 4 second or less).
  4. The answer to the question in your content, the page should have 2000 or more words will perform better than will have less content, if you have more words you will be an index for more terms and as a result, you will have more traffic on your page/website. Also in your content, you should have the quick and short answer like what is digital marketing? And should have the short answer of it.
  5. 58% of people are searching through mobile.

Why people are using more voice search against text search


The growth of conversational commerce means that in the near future it will become a key part of most companies’ digital approaches.




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