Perheps today’s market researchers observe the eCommerce market more than traditional because of its rapidly increasing growth 19-20% per year. In 2013 global eCommerce sales reached at $1,233 billion and current year it is expected to cross $1,400 billion.

In upcoming days and even today market competition on eCommerce platform becomes more killer than ever, everyday number of new online store has been added by digital enterprenuers.  Recently I have studied few oldest family-owned business of U.K. and all these known for its tradition and historic art of making products but majority of them have started selling items online too. In this era, drive potential customers and convert them into sales by giving better user experience is not as easy as playing cards with friends!!!

For being a prominent eCommerce marketer, it is always important to bind your existing customers and bring new one to your site. If you ignore the engagement probably you will be in trouble in future. Let me share an interesting fact that make my intence more fruitful.

“In Europe, the average revenue of a returning purchaser is €5.34, three times higher than first timers (€1.75).”

Now the original story start how to build long time relationship with your customers or enhance social engagement with them.

1: #Omni Channel Strategy for Inventory

For every eCommerce retailer inventory management is one of the big challenge from its beginning. But as per recent innovations Omnichanel strategy is very helpful for all those eCommerce who have physical stores in high street.  This strategy will be useful for apprels, jewellery and fashion accessories retailers.

In this concept, if product is out of stock in website and it is available in physical store then ship the product from store inventory to make a lifelong relationship with your customer. Sometimes the personal assistance or special service impact on customer’s mind hundred times more than ordinary. Redifine the inventory management of your business and make your customers happy…

Impact: Boost overall revenue, such special service may be appreciated in social media

2: Video Support

With emerging technology innovations the way of customer service also improved gradually. Last month world’s leading CRM salesforce introduced video support center. customers who have vimeo pro subscription can embed the high defination selfservice support video. Video player  is fully customizable according to your requirement. Salesforce offer the effective analytics that enables you which video is most helpful for customers. For this new generation video support facility you just need to subscribe the starting from $30 per month. There is no extra charge for video support center. It is very useful for all those eCommerce retailers who offer assembling products like toys, furniture and other home decore products. It is also beneficial for complex website, video explain the website category and features in sharp and short manner.

Impact: Invest human power in meaningful task which usually waste in repeatedely training and instruction. Customer can get service or support through video 24*7.

3: #Amazoncart

Legendary eCommerce invented a revolutionary idea for giving better shopping experience to those customers who are on twitter. Yes, Now you can add any amazon product to your shopping cart by just replying with #AmazonCart.

Like if OralB tweeted for one of its tooth-brush with product page link and you want to buy this item, only reply with #AmazonCart. You can make payment whenever you visit amazon.

There is a simple way of doing so, just connect your twitter with your amazon account and enjoy it…

Impact: Your social media(Twitter) followers can buy the products later. Customers save his/her valuable time in browsing the product what they want. Social media engagement will be increased

Fact: Amazon lovers welcome this idea and 1,57,000 tweet s with #AmazonCart received within two weeks.

4: #Printmemory

People use social media for sharing his/her celebration with friends or followers. eCommerce customers will be happy if retailer offer print their memories as a part of discount or any ordinary offer. In this way brand popularity will be increased with the revenue.

For all those who offer apprels or clothes, birthday cake or gift items can adopt this idea. People really bore with your traditional discount offer like buy 1 get 1 and 30% off summer sale. Try this new one.

There are three easy steps given below.

1: Customer buy products from your site

2: He post the photos or pictures by mentioning your twitter with #printmemory tag

3: you will deliver the eye-catching photo to his/her address.

Important Note: You should contact local photo studio or color lab for reducing the shipping cost.

Impact: When he post his pics on social media chanel like twitter all his followers and fans know about your brand and website.


5: #Salesfromservice

Amazon is planning for offering local services for its millions of customers across the globe. It will be great effect on eCommerce sales of relevant products. Like if Amazon offer plumbing or dog walking service then sales of bathroom products and dog feeding items will be increased surely.  You can also apply this bright idea for enhance your business. Like dealing with local technicians you can offer his service on your eCommerce site too. Your profit from offering such may be nominal but you can see noticeable hike in product sales.

Impact: Customer feel very comfortable when he free from finding the technicians and spread your ideas to his circle.

I think it is enough for today, It’s just my little effort for explaining the importance of standalone strategy for eCommerce business and hope you have enjoyed my writing and give your feedback in comments I am excited a lot….

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