You have heard from many people that they do not have time, they are very busy, yes they are.

It is not because they don’t want spare time for things they have to do but it is because they are not managing time and plan a day in a way so that they can get the time for things they have to do.

Today I’m going to tell you the secrets how you can plan your day so that you can do everything you want to do in a day.  A little store here, when I was studying computer, one of my professors explain about hard disk particles and defragmentation of the hard disk so that you can save space and store more file on it. That day I learned that if you manage your time like defragmentation of a hard disk is doing we can do more things at the same time we spend all day.

I have started my day planning in very small segments like 1o min, I have bifurcated all my task into 10 min tasks and I have seen the miracle that I was able to manage more task then before and was more productive than before.

I would suggest the same thing to you, just break your work into 10 min segment and see the difference.

Google provides you a facility that you can change meeting schedule breakup into 15 minutes, so if you have met for 20 min, you don’t have to select 30 minutes, this way you can save your 10 minutes and allocate that to your other task.

  • In this 10 min, you can write a mail to your new prospect.
  • In this 10 min, you can write a message to your friend and check how he/she is.
  • In this 10 min, you can read the articles which you are not able to because you don’t have time
  • In this 10 min, you can read 10 page of a book which you want to but you are not able to.
  • In this 10 min, you can plan your investment for future.

Lot more things you can do in 10 minutes, it just how you are planning.

Please share your comments below, you can also share your experiences here, I would love to hear from you.


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